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Success Stories

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We have helped many thousands of women since Adharshila was formed in 2004.

NAME OF ACTIVITY                                                     YEARS                                          NO. OF BENEFICIARIES

Beauty & Wellness                                              Jan 2005 - June 2016                                   1802

Garment Construction I                                      Jan 2008 - September 2016                         1723

Advance Garment Construction II                     Sept 2013 - September 2016                        204

General Duty Assistant                                     October 2015 - September 2016                   20

Computer Application                                         Jan 2005 - September 2016                       2926

Desktop Publishing                                             April 2012 - September 2016                       514

Tally ERP                                                             July 2013 - September 2016                         231

Non Formal Education                                        Jan 2010 - September 2016                        475

Spoken English Program                                    July 2010 - March 2014                                523

Remedial classes                                                Jan 2005 - September 2016                        2014

Women Health Centre (General Physician)       Dec 2011 - September 2016          67,546 (above 1918 antenatal patients)

Health Activities                                                     2005 - August 2016                                    10034

Legal/ Lee Awareness Session                            2008 - September 2016                              11641

Nutrition Camp                                                       2005 - August 2015                                     1169

Self Defense Training                                           2005 - March 2016                                        472

Disaster Management Training                            2009 - Dec 2011                                            79

First Aid & Home Nursing                                     2009 - Dec 2011                                            93

Homeopathic dispensary                                      2007 - September 2016                             35,380

Training of SC/ST                                                  2009 - October 2014                                    403

Self Help Groups                                                  2010 - March 2012                                     8 groups (151 women)                                       


"Adharshila has turned my life for a better tomorrow."

"My name is Kiran Devi, I am very grateful to Adharshila madam for teaching me “Cutting and Tailoring”. I have 4 children and my husband is a drunkard. I was unable to meet the expenses but this course has helped me immensely. Before this I was working as a cook but it was not much help with the expenses. Now I have started working for girls of G. B. Pant College. I am stitching curtains and clothes for them. I am getting about Rs. 7000/- per month. I have also got a job as a security guard at the girls’ hostel of G.B. Pant College. Adharshila has turned my life for a better tomorrow. My husband now does not fight with me. This has given me a new direction."

"I have become a member of Avon."

"My name is Amreen. While I was doing Beauty & Healthcare course, we were given Avon training. I have become a member of Avon. I also work part time in a parlor and make Rs. 3500/- per month, helping my husband in running the household. Thank you Adharshila."

"My name is Rakhi. I come from a very poor family."

"My name is Rakhi. I come from a very poor family. My mother is a domestic servant and goes home to home to make a living. After completing the “Beauty & Healthcare” course from Adharshila, I accompany my mother to the same houses and take appointments for the same employers for Beauty Care and earn money."



"I will soon open a tailoring shop."

"My name is Pinky. I have 2 daughters I got married in Lucknow. My husband’s business failed and I had to go to my mother’s house in Harkesh Nagar. I joined Adharshila “Cutting & Tailoring” course. I am very happy now because I started working just after I finished the course. The tailor in the neighborhood liked my work and gave me orders for stitching. The families near my house are also giving me work. I am very happy with Adharshila for helping me in my need. My husband is very happy with me. I will soon open a tailoring shop."

"This has given me immense confidence to go ahead in my life"

I am Munni Devi, living in Harkesh Nagar, I am 60 years old. Once I went to see the doctor at Adharshila I learned about the education given to women who have never studied before. I wanted to do something that my family would be proud of me for. This has given me immense confidence to go ahead in my life.

"He is working in a Mall as a sales man and earning Rs. 10,000 per month"

Ved Prakash, 18 years, was in 10th when he came to Adharshila his now doing his 12th class from NIOS open school after doing the Basic Computer course from Adharshila. He worked as a Data entry operating in a Vasant Vihar office earning Rs. 5 per page and made Rs. 25,000. He has also work in Vodafone at the salary Rs. 7,000. At present he is working in a mall as a sales man and earning Rs. 10,000 per month. His zeal to learn Tally and Advance Computer course DTP form Adharshila is amazing.

"She feels empowered, as she is independent, financially as well as in terms of her career"

State Bank of India has employed Farhat Jahan, in the Insurance sales function with a salary of Rs. 5,000 a month. She gained confidence because of the presentations she had to make during her computer classes at Adharshila. Today, she feels empowered, as she is independent, financially as well as in terms of her career. She is thankful to Adharshila and her teachers for giving her the strength. She is especially thankful to her teacher, Farhat, who has guided her immensely.

"I was totally illiterate and I felt bad ..."

"My name is Sarvesh Devi and I live in Harkesh Nagar. I was totally illiterate and I felt bad. One time the Adharshila mobilizing team came and told me about the education given to women like me. Since then I have taken full interest in the studies and my husband feels very proud of me. He has started taking me out and is very happy."

"My husband wants to open a shop for me very soon."

"My name is Kiran Solanki. I live in Harkesh Nagar with my husband and 3 children. There was no good training centre here. All the centres were charging 300-500 per month. I wanted to learn “Cutting & Tailoring” so I joined Adharshila. My madam here is so good and hardworking. My work is liked by all and I have also stitched clothes for the Adharshila staff. I am earning Rs. 2000/- a month stitching at home. My husband wants to open a shop for me very soon."






a case of pregnancy with recurrent miscarriages

A 30 year old woman came to our Harkesh Nagar clinic in April 2012 with a history of recurrent miscarriages. She had been married for 12 years and had a history of 5 previous miscarriages, all at around 6-8 weeks of pregnancy. She had undergone some tests for infertility and they had found to be normal. Dejected, she had stopped all treatment. She was treated with a course of antibiotics and given pre conception folic acid for a month. She conceived spontaneously but was very apprehensive about the pregnancy. However, she came regularly for check up and followed advice given to her. She underwent routine investigations and was started on prophylactic aspirin. Anemia and intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy were managed. We were very anxious when she developed preeclampsis at 35 weeks of gestation, though BP remained in control with anti hypertensive medication. Then, the patient developed chicken pox at 38 weeks of gestation, which can be dangerous for both the mother and baby. She went into labor 5 days after the onset of lesions and delivered a baby boy weighing 2kg. The mother recovered and baby is doing fine. The patient is very thankful to Adharshila and the medical staff at Adharshila centre for supporting her through her pregnancy giving her advice virtually at her doorstep, and finally bringing a smile to the whole family.


A 13 year old girl was brought by her mother with history of onset four months before. Since then, she had heavy, irregular, and prolonged cycles lasting 10-12 days. On examination, she was a thinly built girl, 150 cm tall weighing just 32kg. She was pale and had a haemic murmur in her heart. She was investigated to rule out any coagulopathies, endocrine or pelvic pathologies. As none were found, she was given medication to improve her general condition and regulate her cycles. She was also given advice on pubertal changes including diet and psychology. She was on hormonal therapy for 6 cycles. Then she was given locally acting medicines during menses for another 3 cycles. This has controlled her menorrhagia. In the past one year, she has become a confident young lady with a positive attitude. Her height and weight have also improved - 156 cm and 38 kg. 


A 21 year old woman came to us initially with a history of pain in the lower abdomen and sub fertility. She had been married for a year and had gained 30kg of weight in the same period. Her menses were irregular - once in 20-40 days. Her father was hypertensive and diabetic. Her general and systemic examination was unremarkable. She was routinely investigated and given a course of antibiotics to cure her pelvic infection. She was advised to lose weight. She tried hard and lost 5kg within 2 months. She also conceived spontaneously. When her thyroid levels were checked, she had hypothyroidism for which she was started on medication. The ultrasound done at 11th week of gestation showed a twin pregnancy. She was counseled to follow up regularly in view of twin gestation, which as such carries a higher risk and obesity hypothyroidism. Her sugar levels were also high and so she was referred to the endocrinologist. She was put on a diabetic diet which she followed religiously. Her sugar levels remained at the borderline. At 30 weeks, she needed admission for threatened preterm labor, but discharged when she settled down after treatment of urinary tract infection. She came for follow up and the risks of preterm labor were explained to her. She was also told to take rest. But she went into labor at 34 weeks. She delivered a girl baby weighing 1.5kg vaginally. However, the second baby was presenting as breech and had fetal distress. So, an emergency cesarean section was done. A baby boy was delivered. The patient is doing well now and so are the babies. She is very thankful to God to be blessed with such wonderful babies. 


A 20 year old first time pregnant woman (clinically called a primi gravida) was brought by her sister-in-law when she was 28 weeks pregnant. The attendant told us that she had developed a mental problem during pregnancy for which she was on medication from a government hospital. As it was difficult to take her to a hospital OPD and wait for a long time, it was decided that she would be brought to our centre for antenatal care. On examination, the patient was not well oriented to the surroundings and did not understand or respond completely to the instructions. The uterine height corresponded to the period of gestation. All her routine investigations were normal. Her pregnancy progressed normally. However, her mental condition did not show much improvement even though she was on regular medication. She was careless about her food and her dressing. At full term, she was referred for delivery. She needed to be delivered by cesarean section as she did not progress well. She did not breast feed the baby. But, soon after delivery, her mental condition showed dramatic improvement. She was taken off medication one month after delivery. She has come for follow up and is happy and cheerful. She is well oriented and is looking for her baby well. 

Psychosis in pregnancy is a known disorder which can lead to bizarre behavior by the mother, rarely even to the extent of killing herself or the child. It needs to be recognized early and appropriate treatment initiated. 


A 35 year old lady presented to the OPD in her third pregnancy with about 11 weeks of gestation. She was investigated and found to have an Rh negative blood group. The indirect Coomb's test was negative showing that she was not immunized with the formation of Rh negative antibodies in reaction to fetal Rh positive antigen. The anomaly scan was normal. At 23 weeks of gestation, she reported high colored urine and fever. She had icterus. On investigation, her bilirubin was increased to 10mg/dL. The liver enzymes were also very high. On antibody testing, she was detected to have Hepatitis E in pregnancy. Hepatitis-E runs a very fulminant course in pregnancy. It can cause many complications including bleeding, active liver or kidney failure, and even fetal or maternal death. As there is no specific treatment, she was given supportive treatment and advised to rest after a physician's review. She came for follow up after 1 month when she was symptomatically better. Her bilirubin level had decreased to 1.07mg/dL. The enzyme levels were normal. She was followed up and monitored until she delivered at term. The baby was small at 1.6kg. The baby has been healthy and gaining weight after birth and is doing well.